Sport Specialisation Sports Awards

Last week, Keebra Park celebrated the achievements of all sport specialisation athletes with the 2016 Sports Awards. It was a fantastic evening with special guest, former Keebra Park graduate and current Brisbane Broncos player, Jai Arrow on hand to give out many of the major awards. Although many students received awards on the night, some of the major awards were:

13’s Rugby League MVP: Tuvalli Khan-Periera

14’s Rugby League MVP: Tuki Seiuli

15’s Rugby League MVP: Klese Haas

Open’s Rugby League MVP: Tom Mikaele

Sport Specialisation Student of the Year: Tanah Boyd

Sportsman of the Year: Payne Haas

And of course one of the more highly coveted honours is to be selected in the All Stars Team of the Year. This award is presented to players that were the most dominant players across any age group. Keebra had a fantastic group of footballers to choose from but narrowed it down to the following:

  1. Connelly Lemuelu (Open A’s)
  2. Jono Siofele (Open A’s)
  3. Tuki Seuili (Under 15’s)
  4. Liam Pakau (Open A’s)
  5. Kees Nicholson (Open A’s)
  6. Syris Schmidt (Under 13’s)
  7. Tanah Boyd (Open A’s)
  8. Tom Mikaele (Open A’s)
  9. Liam Hampson (Open A’s)
  10. Payne Haas (Open A’s)
  11. David Fifita (Open A’s)
  12. Tuvalli Khan-Periera (Under 13’s)
  13. Klese Haas (Under 14’s)
  14. Dayton To’A (Under 13’s)
  15. Brock Hamill (Open A’s)
  16. Xavier Collins (Under 13’s)
  17. James Pere (Under 14’s)

Congratulations to all boys who have participated in the Sport Specialisation Program for 2016.