Blue Wall Anniversary Jersey

To the casual observer the small patch of blue painted wall in an unassuming corner of the Keebra Park Football gymnasium may seem to have been an oversight by the painting crew, with Maroon walls and program values displayed on every other surface, however those associated with Rugby League and school tradition know otherwise.

This patch of Blue is the foundation of the Keebra Park war cry ‘BLUE WALL’ a tradition spanning some 40 years and etched into the heart of every student to ever pull on the prestigious school jersey.

Many an attacking team has felt the brunt of the “WALL” and the sting of the tackle as seemingly wave after wave of defence rallies around it and it is no exaggeration to argue that this underpinning belief has seen Keebra Park players reach above and beyond their own capabilities and find that extra 5 percent that makes all the difference in a tight encounter.

It is also the underpinning steel that is an inbuilt part of the fabric of players of the calibre of Sam Moa, Isaac Liu, Agnatius Paasi and Vaha Pulu and the reason they have been able to resurrect seemingly spent careers and have made then a commodity highly sought by any intelligent recruitment manager.

The BLUE WALL is part of Benji, Rangi, Ben Teo, Greg Eastwood and Bodene Thompson and while many may have found an excuse to take it easy it is also an integral part of Robert Lui and Ben Murdoch as they ply their trade in England.

Ask any of the new breed, Kahu, Arrow, Martin, Felise, Heleta, Haas, Norman, Edwards, Rowe or the many more set to follow…..What drives them? And while they all have an aspect to their character that they were born with that sets them apart, The BLUE WALL is in them.

2017 will see the celebration of this BLUE WALL as a major design feature in the Junior Rugby League Jerseys and will continue to be a feature over the seasons ahead.

While from 2018 the Opens will retain a unique colour scheme incorporating a series of traditional references, the Juniors jersey will continue to evolve using the Wall as a motif in honour of what is a proud and identifiably “Keebra Park”.

Once again “Imitation” is a compliment of the highest order but is completely eclipsed by Innovation and as the great John Laws would add…..”Imitators come and go but there is only one BLUE WALL”.

Keebra Park would like to wish all schools in this year’s competition good luck and a prosperous and injury free 2017.