Rugby League Awards Night

The 2017 sporting calendar concluded on Wednesday night with the annual ‘Sports Awards’ ceremony. This event recognises all the fantastic achievements made by our Rugby League students at school and representative level. The full list of winners and ‘Team of the Year’ on the night include;

Sport Specialisation Student of  the Year – Rugby League

Year 7     Richard Mala

Year 8     Elijah Mahi

Year 9     Reece Walsh

Year 10   Jaydon Solomon

Year 11    Alofiana Khan-Pereira

Year 12   Damion Dumas

Lawrence Rawiri Award Winner

David Fifita

Players Player Award

Goor Beher Kuwot Chapari

Sportsman of the Year

David Fifita and Tanah Boyd


Team of the Year was an extremely tough choice this year with the Renouf, Hancock and Open A’s all wining their respective competitions. To make matters even harder, the Open A’s went on to be NRL National Schoolboy champions. Congratulations to the following students on their selection:

  1. Damion Dumas (Open A’s)
  2. Darias Christie (Under 13’s)
  3. Seb Winters-Chang (Open A’s)
  4. Haze Tai-Rakena (Under 13’s)
  5. Lleyton Borg (Under 14’s)
  6. Paul Karaitiana (Open A’s)
  7. Tanah Boyd (Open A’s)
  8. Geordie Brand (Open A’s)
  9. Blake Scott (Open A’s)
  10. Herman Tofaeono (Under 14’s)
  11. Laz Sua (Open A’s)
  12. David Fifita (Open A’s)
  13. Brock Hamill (Open A’s)
  14. Goor Beher Kuwot Chapari (Open A’s)
  15. Reece Walsh (Under 14’s)
  16. Blake Mozer (Under 13’s)
  17. Elijah Maihi (Under 13’s)