Sports Awards 2018

The annual Keebra Park Sports Awards was held last night to celebrate the many great achievements of our student athletes. Although many students were recognised for their outstanding contribution to Keebra Park sport academy programs, the highlight of the evening is always the naming of the 2018 Rugby League All Star Team. This team is selected based on certain criteria which deems you to be the best in your position regardless of age. The 2018 All Star Team is:

  1. Tuvalli Khan-Pereira (Year 10)
  2. Te Haeta Takamore (Year 8)
  3. Seb Winters-Chang (Year 12)
  4. Jadyce Vaalepu (Year 10)
  5. Tai Gordon (Year 9)
  6. Paul Karaitiana (Year 12)
  7. Reece Walsh (Year 10)
  8. Xavier Collins (Year 9)
  9. Blake Mozer (Year 9)
  10. Herman Tofeaono (Year 10)
  11. Devontai Seumanutafa (Year 12)
  12. Lleyton Borg (Year 10)
  13. Wailer Whaiapu (Year 7)
  14. Kahli Kali (Year 12)
  15. Malakai Rhind (Year 8)
  16. David Butler (Year 12)
  17. David Telea (Year 10)

The night also included the naming of the Keebra Park Rugby League Academy’s MVP’s for each year group. The award winners are:

Year 7 – Wailer Whaiapu

Year 8 – Te Haeta Takamore

Year 9 – Blake Mozer

Year 10 – Reece Walsh

Year 11 – Jahream Bula

Year 12- Seb Winters Chang

Congratulations to all Keebra Park Rugby League Academy students on another successful season on and off the field. We look forward to next year and building on the success that has been created by our graduating class.